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International Contender World Championship
Event Details
Start Date22 April 2012
End Date28 April 2012
Entry Name
Entry AddressSt Petersburg Yacht Club
 St Petersburg
Registration Lists n/a
Fleet racing Open Contender Overall Results
Race Results
International Contender World Championship22 Apr 2012 - 28 Apr 2012
Contender (Open) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1ITAITA 31518.0044.00Antonio LAMBERTINI
2ITAITA 4722.0038.00Giovanni Bonzio
3DENDEN 125.0043.00Soren Andreasen
4GERGER 245935.0057.00Joachim Harpprecht
5USAUSA 253537.0070.00Ethan Bixby
6AUSCAN 236043.0075.00Daniel Kohlman
7AUSAUS 213646.00102.00Richard  KINGSMILL
8ITAITA4049.00112.00Luca  BONEZZI
9GERGER 55150.0087.00Christoph Homeier
10GERGER 236656.00120.00Markus  MAISENBACHER
11GERGER 250861.0097.00Oliver  BRANDT
12GERGER 239072.00133.00Gernot Goetz
13USAGBR 252284.00120.00Chris Boshier
14NEDNED 291.00158.00Mark THORBORG
15NEDNED 995.00141.00Paul Verhallen
16ITAITA 11196.00177.00Emilio BETTA
17GBRGBR 234798.00142.00Martin JONES
18GBRGBR 712108.00157.00Rodger WHITE
19ITAITA 2481110.00177.00Giuseppe Albano
20AUSAUS 2375116.00175.00Jonathan VAN DER VOORT
21DENDEN 2471122.00173.00Lars Bo RASMUSSEN
22CANCAN 2397124.00204.00Michael  SMITS
23GBRGBR 2432150.00224.00Jerry  HONE
24GBRGBR 2506152.00211.00Tony WHITE
25ITAITA 397153.00218.00Michele BETTA
26CANCAN 2398159.00217.00Neil Smith
27CANCAN 2399167.00249.00Roger  MARTIN
28GBRGBR 2538174.00240.00Nick  BELL
29ITAITA 393181.00244.00Luigi  TEZZA
30CANCAN 2537185.00255.00Peter  HALE
31AUSAUS 2250188.00266.00John  MCLEAN
32CANCAN 2525206.00283.00Stephanie MAH
33NEDNED 2426206.00274.00Pim  LANGENDIJK
34USAUSA 1771221.00296.00Peter WHITE
35GER694222.00299.00Bo  FROHNE
36USAUSA 2117232.00313.00Gil WOOLLEY
37USAUSA 1114236.00310.00Jerome WHITE
38USAUSA 2498240.00325.00Larry  CHRISTIAN
39CANCAN 1599246.00326.00Frank WHITTINGTON
40CANCAN 81253.00331.00Bernie BIEBER
41USAUSA 185275.00359.00Mike  MASHI
42CANCAN 1664277.00367.00Joel  MAGNAN
43ITAITA 302308.00398.00Pierfranco MARCHI
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